Thursday, December 30, 2010

SOOOO Underwhelmed!! :(

Well, I finally made it to Hobby Lobby and I was seriously underwhelmed!!  I was expecting all these fabulous paper crafting supplies.  NOT!!  99% of the store was home decor and floral!!!  What's up with that???  Other people rave about their Hobby Lobby stores.  Obviously, their Hobby Lobby stores are different from this one.  It is a huge store, but the papercrafting section was SMALL!!!  Michael's has a TON more stuff than Hobby Lobby!!  I'll bet there weren't even 20 different punches to choose from, all the same papers that M's carries, I was just seriously disappointed!!!  Are all Hobby Lobby stores like this one???

Monday, December 27, 2010


Is it wrong for me to be so excited about a Hobby Lobby opening up 1 1/2 hours away???  I've never been to one and I'm so excited to go check it out later this week!!!  Maybe I'll even score some additional goodies for my next giveaway!!!

What's YOUR favorite crafting shopping spot???


Thursday, December 2, 2010

:( Giveaway may have to wait a bit! SORRY!!

Hi, everyone!
Well, test results are starting to come in and I have been diagnosed with San Joaquin Valley Fever.  I won't go into detail here, but suffice it to say, I'm not feeling so hot.  I've never coughed so much in my life!! The good news is, I'm on the meds for it now, so hopefully will begin to feel better soon.  This explains why the 3 rounds of antibiotic didn't phase this.  The bad news is, I may have to postpone my next giveaway for a bit.  We'll see how it goes.  I'd still LOVE to do it before Christmas!!!  So, stay tuned, bloggers!!!

Blessings and hugs!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Belated Thanksgiving wishes!

Hi, everyone!
I know this is late.  That's what being sick for 3 weeks+ does to a person!  Anyway, I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!  I also need to announce that there is another give-away coming up!  This will bring a Merry Christmas to someone who comments!!!  Watch for details coming soon!!

Blessings and hugs!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My "Winter-Time" Mini inspired by Laura Denison's Steampunk Time Machine

Hi, everyone!
Thanks for stopping by today!!!  I'm pretty excited about how this project turned out!  I love it when I picture something in my head and can actually make it happen!!!  A million thanks to the uber-talented Laura Denison at, for the awesome instructions and class she did on a similar mini that she called Steampunk Time Machine.  I needed a hand-crafted gift for a family member who takes TONS of pictures and this fills the bill.  The mini inside has "tons of real estate" as Laura likes to say.  She should be able to put between 50-60 pictures inside.  Thanks for checking it out!!! 

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!

Giggles and hugs!

UPDATE: I'm getting lots of questions about where the mini is, so I took a picture the best way I could think of to show you how it slides out of the center portion.  If you watch Laura's Ustream class on this, you can see how it's done.

I'm getting questions about the inside of the mini.  I just made the pages in Laura's pattern from silver, shades of blue and gray.  I left the pages very plain so that the recipient can fit lots of pictures inside.  So there are no embellishments or decorations on the inside at all.  All the "goo-gaw" is on the outside! ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini album for our Granddaughter who will be in the Macy's Parade!

Our granddaughter, Taylor, was selected to partcipate with the National Cheer Association in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and we are so proud of her!!  She asked me to make a scrapbook to keep all the mementos and photos of her trip in.  Ever had one of those projects that should be simple and that you struggle with like there's no tomorrow??  Well, that was THIS project!!!  Just a basic mini!  Should have been able to whip it out in no time!!!  14 hours later, I'm still not thrilled with the result, but I just can't bear to deal with it anymore, so I'm calling it done!!

The top photo is the front cover and the bottom photo is just one of the pages inside.  They are all pocket pages and I cut her tons of photo mats and tags to use inside.  Two pages have the city skyline, one has the Statue of Liberty, one has word art, etc.

Thanks for checking it out!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I need suggestions for my next blog candy give-away!!

Hi, everyone!
You know I love to give stuff away, right?  No, my blog is not sponsored and all the goodies come directly from me as a thank you to all of you who visit because I appreciate you all SOOO much!!!  So, what I need to know from all of you now is:  What would you like to see in my next give-away?  You never know, I might even give something away to a lucky winner whose comment is chosen by!

So, what kind of prize would YOU like to win????

Thanks for playing along!

Monday, November 1, 2010


The winner of my blog candy is..............................................................................

Scrapsofstuff/Daphne said...

WOW! That's a great blog candy!! I would love to win! I hope you enjoy your Imagine!!

October 5, 2010 7:49 PM
Congratulations, Daphne!!  Please contact me with your mailing information and I will get your prize on its way to you!!
Thanks to everyone who participated!  I appreciate each and every one of you SOO very much!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

BOO!!!! How about some Halloween Blog Candy???

This give-away is the one I've been waiting for awhile to do.  I had to give everything time to come in, then life got in the way.  Now I am ready to post it!  WOOHOO!!!!  This is my biggest blog candy EVER!!!    So, in celebration of the arrival of my new CRICUT IMAGINE MACHINE, Here's what the winner will get:

A PINK ATG GUN WITH TAPE!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  I'm not kidding!!!

DCWV TIN MINI-ALBUM KIT!!--this is a BIG kit with everything you need to make 4 mini albums in tins!!! 


COLOR BOX  COLOR TOOL BOX with Stylus and TEN tips!  This is really cool.  If you haven't seen this--the tips are moldable--just heat with your heat gun or over a lightbulb and create stamps.  I'm also including the Stylus Tip Molding Mat, to get you on your way to creating even MORE great designs.  And, because it's almost Halloween,  a tri-color Color Box Pigment Stamp pad in Lime green/Orange/Purple!!

And, as is customary with my give-aways, there will be ADDITIONAL goodies not pictured!!!  After all, everyone loves surprises, right??

So, what do you have to do for a chance to win this sweet goodness????  Not much at all!!!!!  Leave a comment under this post!!!  That's it!  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to sign up to follow my blog, but it's not necessary to be entered to win!!

And, since it's CANDY, I'll pick the winner using Random.Org on...........................HALLOWEEN at MIDNIGHT PST!!!

So, leave your comment and you'll be entered to win!!!

And thank you so much to all my faithful followers!!!  You ROCK!!!  You all encourage me more than you will ever know!!!  And I love you all!!!!

Blessings and Hugs!

Happy Halloween!!!

Hi, everyone!
Just a quick post.  If you know anyone who hasn't entered to win the blog candy, today's the last day as the winner will be chosen at midnight tonight!!



Monday, October 25, 2010

Here are my "Think Pink" cards!

Hi, everyone,
I have a dear friend who had her first chemo for lung cancer today.  So, I decided to make a card for Monique and one for my friend, Novie. Of course, my card base is PINK!  I used the Lacy Labels and Lovely Floral Cricut Lites cartridges and several different cuttlebug folders on these cards.  Cardstock is Bazzill.

Thanks for checking them out!

Have you made YOUR cards yet???


It's "Think Pink for Monique" Week!!

Hi, everyone!
Many of you probably already know that a member of our crafting community, Monique Griffith, is fighting breast cancer.  Monique will have a double mastectomy on Thursday of this week.  Robyn,  at, suggested that we have a Think Pink for Monique week!  What a great idea!!  The idea is to make a card for Monique or someone else you know who is fighting cancer and send it out this week!  If you would like to send a card to Monique and learn more about her journey, you can find her address and more at :

Thanks, everyone!!!

And don't forget, you have until midnight PST on Halloween to enter to win my blog candy giveaway.  Just scroll down to the October 4 post and leave a comment!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

WOW!!!! Hello, Thursday!!

Hello, my crafty friends!!!
Did you see the new releases for this Hello, Thursday???  I love, love, love Ornamental Iron and Paper Lace!!!  And Wrap It Up will probably end up in my stash, as well!!!  If you want to see details of these cartridges and the others that were released this week, you can visit Joy's blog at  So, what's YOUR favorite???

Don't forget to enter to win my blog candy. Just scroll down to the October 4th post and leave a comment before 10/31!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I've been up to!

Hello, loyal bloggers!!
Hope you are all doing well!  I've been creating centerpieces for a bridal shower for the last few days and finally finished them up today.  WOOHOO!!!  If I can get a decent picture, I'll post one for you to see.  I was able to utilize my Cricut Expression, the Sweethearts cartridge, and a Tim Holtz Texture Fade on these centerpieces, along with lots of other goodies.

So, what have YOU been creating????

Don't forget to enter my big give-away if you haven't yet!!  Scroll down to the October 4th entry and post a comment for your chance to win!!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Printmaster and the Imagine!

Hi, everyone!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I just wanted to share something fun I learned this week.  I don't know if any of you use the Printmaster program, but I use it a LOT to print sentiments inside my Cricut cards and just to make quick cards and add Cricut cuts and text to them.  My granddaughter asked me to make birthday party invitations for my great-grandson this week.  And that's when I made this amazing discovery!!  Did you know that Printmaster includes RGB codes for the colors used for text???  Or the color you use to fill shapes???  Well, it does!!!  I had printed text on the invitations using a rope font in kind of a straw color. 
By clicking on the paint bucket that you use to select the text color, then on the button that says "Define Custom Colors" you will see the color wheel and right underneath it on the right hand side, are your RGB codes for any selected color.  Using this information, I was able to print and cut rope loops from the Old West cartridge, using my Imagine machine, that were a perfect match to the text on the invitation.  I then ran those cuts through my Xyron machine to turn them into stickers for the envelopes!  Sounds WAY more complicated than it actually is!!!  Please feel free to email me with any questions!!!  Hope this helps some of you with your crafting!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Playing with my new Imagine machine!

Today I have spent a little time familiarizing myself with the Imagine and its' functions.  If you own an Imagine machine, I'm sure you recognize the floral bouquets from the Imagine More cartridge.  What I thought was fun was that the "Thank You" sentiment is from Beyond Birthdays.  I opened the sentiment, then filled it with one of the prints on the Imagine cartridge.  I'm sure you can't see it in the pic, but I thought that was a pretty cool thing to be able to do!  I printed and cut two of each bouquet to give them more sturdiness.  I do wish the Imagine could cut chipboard.  I'll have to continue to use my E for this.  I tried it today in the Imagine and no matter what I do, the chipboard won't even stick to the mat.  This project is my very first ever candy bouquet and is for a nurse at my doctor's office who has been particularly helpful to me.  She is moving away and I wanted to express my appreciation for all she has done for me.  Think she'll feel appreciated???
(Had a couple of questions -- Yes, I used FULL SIZE candy bars, not the minis, so this bouquet is HEAVY!!! haha)

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to scroll down to my blog give-away post and leave a comment for your chance to win all of that yummy goodness!!



Thanks SOOO much to all of you who have signed up to follow!!!  I appreciate it so much!!!  In honor of reaching 300 followers, I'm adding TWO clear stamp sets to the prize!!!  Think we can reach 350????  If we do, there are more goodies in store!!!

Thanks, again!!!  WOOHOO!!!!

To enter to win, make sure you post a comment in the post BELOW, which talks about the blog candy give-away, not on this post!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

BIG GIVE-AWAY coming!!!

Hi, crafty blogger friends!!
The BIG GIVE-AWAY I've been promising is just about ready to go up.  I just need to photograph the prizes and we will be good to go.  I gave some hints about what's coming during Kathy Files class this morning.  There will be even more goodies than what was discussed there!!!  So, give me some time to get the pictures taken and I'll be posting the goodies!!!  Things in the family are still pretty tough right now and probably will be for some time, but I'm trying to focus on positive things and not dwell on what is going on.

Hugs to all!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA!

Hello, my creative blogger friends!!
I've missed you!!  I've just returned from a trip to Utah and Wyoming with my dear husband to visit family and friends.  We've had an extremely emotional upheaval in our family and we are all still trying to come to terms with it, so I appreciate your patience while we all rally round and help each other through this.  There will be a huge give-away coming as soon as things calm down around here.  I love you all and look forward to returning to more creative pursuits soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sorry about venting yesterday!! New focus!

Hello, everyone!
First I would like to apologize for yesterday's post.  I was upset and let my emotions take control.  Please forgive me.  My focus, today, is totally different!  The first thing I did today was say a prayer for the person who saw fit to destroy my fairy house.  What a miserable person that must be, to think it would be fun to destroy it.  I have compassion and sympathy for whomever it was.  Isn't God great?!  That he can, in the blink of an eye, totally change our perspective back to what's REALLY important!!  Thank you to all of you who posted comments of support!  You gals ROCK!!!  OK, now on to better and more productive things!!!

Blessings and hugs to you all!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm SOOOO bummed and angry!!!

Ok, maybe this isn't a big deal, however, I made so many wonderful memories with my great-grandson and the fairy house I built, so I brought it home and set it up under my coastal redwood tree in the front yard.  Branches come down really low and I thought it would be perfectly safe under there.  WRONG!!!  I took my dad back for his post-surgery follow-up today and came home to bits and pieces of it all over the street where it had been getting run over all day.  Apparently, some punk kid on his way to school just couldn't resist smashing it to bits in the street.  Had no monetary value, but it was sure precious to my sweet Chase and I!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My take on Laura Denison's "Life's A Picnic" mini album

Hi, everyone!
This project is an original Laura Denison design.  I love this project.  It was so much fun!  The most interesting thing about this is that it is actually a mini album!!  The lid of the picnic basket forms a portion of the mini album cover.  Laura used gingham fabric for her cover and trim but since I live in the "sticks" and don't have access to fabric, I used bandanas instead.  I called my mini "A Taste of Summer" and did my inside pages differently.  Laura created a barbecue grill with hotdogs and other picnic-type pages.  I did my inside pages in a summer theme so that it could be used for all those summer funtime pictures.  The pattern for this project, if you would like to make one of your own, is available at:   To see more of Laura's designs, check out:  Hope you like it!!  I love comments!!!

EDITED TO ADD:  I've had some questions about the picnic basket itself.  It is part of the project and is made of chipboard and woven kraft cardstock, inked with distress inks.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So sorry!!!

I'm so sorry, everyone, that I haven't been able to post my next BIG giveaway!!  I'm still waiting for items to arrive!!! I promise it will be worth the wait, though!!!  So, please keep checking back.  I will post the give-away as soon as everything comes in!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


AMY, post #10, you are the winner as chosen by!!

Please send me your mailing info so I can get your prize on its way to you!!!  I need to hear from you within 2 weeks!!

Congratulations, Amy, and thanks to everyone who entered!!!  I have another BIG giveaway in the works, so check back often!!  As soon as all the items I plan to give away arrive, I will post the next giveaway!!

Hugs!! And thanks, again, everyone!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Check back for another give-away!!

Hi, everyone,
I'm making preparations for my next give-away!  It will be a GOOD one, so make sure you check back often!!  I'm waiting for a couple of items to arrive before I post the details.  You might want to follow my blog to make sure you don't miss out!!!

WOOHOO!!  Don't ya just love surprises???

In the meantime, make sure you post a comment under the Songbird Tshirt giveaway for your chance to win this blinged out T!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Neck Pouch designed by Laura Denison

Hello, bloggers!
Have you ever attended any Ustream classes or watched any YouTube classes by the uber-talented Laura Denison?  Well, if you haven't you are totally missing out on a paper crafting/quilting genius!!  You can find her at  You owe it to yourself to check it out!!  My project today is a neck pouch that Laura designed after making them for years in fabric.  Mine is made of Grungeboard and inked with Mountain Rose and Pearl Alcohol Inks.  The embossed design was already in the Grungeboard!!  How cool is that???  This little treasure is just the right size for carrying your driver's license, a credit/debit card, some cash and even your cell phone.  Perfect for expos or conventions.  I actually made two just alike, one for me and one for my bff, Lacy.  Full instructions, dimensions and tutorial video can be found on Laura's blog.

Thanks for stopping by today!!!  And please don't forget to post your comment under the previous post for a chance to win a Songbird Tshirt from Cricut Rewards.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Songbird Tshirt Give-away!!

Hi, everyone!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!!  I appreciate you all so much!!  For this giveaway, I have a brand new Songbird Tshirt, from the Cricut Rewards program.  The twist is, I have embellished the design with genuine Swarovski crystals!!!  Not too much, but it sure added a lot to the adorable Songbird design, IMHO!  The Tshirt is size XL.  These are very limited now, so I thought this would work for most people, since if you are small, this would make a great nightshirt!!

As usual, all you have to do to be entered is to leave a comment under this post. If you'd like to sign up to be a follower, I would love that, but it's not necessary to be entered.  I will pick the winner on August 1, 2010 at 9pm PST.

Good luck, everyone!!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hi, everyone,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!  I thought I would share a picture of a project I did while I was on vacation.  When I found out that our 3 year old great-grandson was coming to stay for 3 days, I decided to build a fairy house.  I cut some willow branches all to the same length and using a hot glue gun, created what was basically a little log house.  I cut some thinner willow branches and bent them  for the supports for the roof.  I then covered the roof with bark and cedar boughs. I nestled the house at the base of a giant cedar tree and created a "fairy ring" yard around the house using white pebbles.  I then created a sidewalk using pea gravel.  Inside, I sprinkled glitter, along with some pink iridescent beads that I also sprinkled along the sidewalk.  There is a sign on the front that says "Fairy Manor" that I couldn't get to show up in the picture.   Everyday, I added some shiney new bauble to the "yard" for my great-grandson to find.  We called it fairy treasure and he had such fun going out there in the morning to see what kind of treasure the forest fairies collected during the night.  The little sticker on the front is actually a chandelier that lights up and blinks.  We had great fun with it.  An RV is a pretty limited space for such an energetic camper, so this gave him something fun to look forward to that was an outside activity.

Thanks for checking out my blog today.  I will be posting a new give-away this week-end!  You won't want to miss it!!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Here's how we celebrate Independence Day at 6700 feet in the Sierras in California!

We are vacationing in our RV at an RV resort at 6700 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains. As we are in the forest, no fireworks are allowed, so I decided to share the parade at the resort.  It was so cute.  This is only the second time they've done it.  It was fun!!  So, here ya go!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I just picked the Gypsy package winner using  The winner is...............................


Congratulations, Leanne!!  Please send me your mailing info so I can get your prize sent off to you!!!

And thank you to everyone who played along!!  Check back often.  I will be doing another prize giveaway SOON!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010


We all need a little inspiration from time to time, right??  There are so many talented crafters out there and a wealth of information via Ustream and Youtube.  A couple of these uber-talented artists inspire me and I thought I would share their links with you so you can check them out.  You will NOT be disappointed.  First is Kathy Orta.  You can find Kathy and her video classes by going to her blog at  The other is Laura Denison.  Check her out at  Both of these ladies offer wonderful inspiration, classes and are just all-around classy and talented artists in their own right.  Laura is also a quilt designer and teaches quilting classes.  You can purchase her papercraft and quilt patterns from her Etsy store, also accessible from a link on her blog.  Be prepared to spend some time watching these ladies at work.  You will be amazed!!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi, everyone,
It's been awhile since I've done a give away, so I decided it's time!!  WOOHOO!!!   Wanna win a new outfit for your Gypsy???  I am giving away a Gypsy skin and a package of the Gypsy Stylus!!  (and, as usual, I will put a few extra goodies in for the winner, as well!)  The skin is the one that is called Gold, but to me it's more orange and black and white.  I can't take a pic right now because my camera is acting up.  As soon as I can, I'll post a pic for ya, though!

What do you have to do to be entered to win all this Gypsy goodness, you ask???  Easy Peasy!!  Leave a comment under this post.  That's it!!!  I'd really appreciate it if you would follow my blog, but it's not necessary in order to be eligible to win the prize!!

Deadline for entries will be 9:00pm, PST, on July 1, 2010!!

Good luck, everyone!!


Friday, June 18, 2010


Do you ever find yourself in a rut, using the same colors or similar colors on every project?  I sure do!  So, today I challenged myself to create a project using colors I never use.  This card is the result.

So, now I challenge you!  Think outside the box and create something using colors you don't normally use!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My First Card with Lacy Labels Cricut Lite Cartridge!

Hi, everyone!
Wow!  Two posts in one day!!  I'm on a roll!!  haha  Just thought I would share my first card made with Lacy Labels, one of the new Cricut Lite cartridges available only at Walmart.  I really love this cartridge!!  The layers cut beautifully and are so easy!!  Gotta love that!  The cuts on this card were cut at 4 1/2".  For the card base, since I can't load these carts on my Gypsy yet and I didn't want to have to drag the E close to the computer, I just traced my card front and fussy cut it with scissors. Easy peasy!!  I used lots of dimensionals on this one, Victorian Velvet Distress Ink, Crushed Olive Distress Ink, and my white gel pen.  Thanks to Elizabeth at for her tutorial on using the Fantastix with the Distress Inks!  Works like a charm!!!!  Oh, and the sentiment is one of the new SOLO stamps from Michael's!


Guess I spoke too soon!! haha

Hi, everyone,
Apparently, I spoke too soon about feeling better.  My knees are still pretty bad and the doctor says they probably won't get a lot better! :(

But, not to worry!  Thanks to the electric carts at Walmart, I was able to pick up two of the new Cricut Lites cartridges and I LOVE THEM!!!!  Seriously!!!  They are AWESOME!!  I got Lacy Labels and Botanicals and they are both wonderful!  I love the packaging and inserts, too!!  You really gotta check them out!!!  Elizabeth ( asked that I share a couple of cuts from Botanicals on the mb and I decided I might as well share them here, too! 

Please indulge me just one moment to mention my special friend, Monique Griffith, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Love you and praying for you, Monique!!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA!

Hi, bloggers,
Sorry I've been "missing in action" for awhile!  As some of you know, I've been recuperating from knee surgery and am just now starting to feel better!!!  SOOOOOO..................................................
I will be doing a give-away!!!  I'll be posting pictures and the details in the next few days!!  This is a good one!!  So, check back soon!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Mother's Day projects I made

Just thought I would share the Mother's Day projects I made for my step-daughters and granddaughter.  It's not a very good pic but I am having camera issues!!!  But I still wanted to share!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

SSPT Victorian Challenge project!!

I am happy to report that the SSPT Design team is up and running again!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Health issues have prevented us from creating for a bit, but we are back in style!!!

Our challenge, issued by Miss Lacy, was to create something with a Victorian theme.  I recently purchased an embossing powder tin from T!m Holtz.  The box it came in was just too cool to toss, so I upcycled it.  First, I painted it with my ColorArtz airbrush system in cranberry to match my cardstock because I wanted all the edges and corners to match my paper.  Then I cut and applied cranberry cardstock to the box.  I then cut the Cameo from the Heritage Cricut cartridge, once in chipboard and once in black cardstock, misted it with Pearl and Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Mist, then applied 3 coats of Utee.  I created her pearl jewelry using my Pearl Pen from Viva Decor.  I wrapped the box with 1" strips of black cardstock, then applied some gimp lace, topped off with flat-backed pearl trim.  The two lace pieces were misted with Red Velvet Glimmer mist in a method that creates an ombre effect.  I then added a satin flower created using my heat gun, some feathers and black pearl bling.  I plan to use this box to store greeting cards.  Thanks for visiting my blog today!  I love comments!!!  Check back soon!  I have another great give-away in the works!!!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Winner of the Sentimentals cartridge is........................

SHARI!!!  You are the winner of the brand new Sentimentals cartridge!!!  Please send me your mailing information so I can get your prize in the mail first thing Monday morning!!!

I was really surprised that there weren't more entries!!  This cartridge is SOOO awesome!!!  Thank you to those who did participate!!!  And congratulations, Shari!!!


No Entries in the Give-away!!! What's up with that???

Hi, everyone,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!  Well, I really wanted to give away the Sentimentals cartridge on National Scrapbooking Day!  I thought the challenge was a simple one!  Make at least one of the flowers from my video, use it on a project and post a picture!  Doesn't seem too difficult, does it?  Anyway, I haven't received even one entry for the drawing.  So, unless someone posts a project before 9pm tonight, I will have to come up with another way to give away this cartridge.  So, if you have a project ready to post, please do so!  Looks like you'd have a really good chance to win!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Want to win a SENTIMENTALS Cricut cartridge???

OK, everyone!  This give-away will be a little different.  To enter to win, here's what you need to do!

Make at least one of the "satin dried lollipop roses" that I show you how to make in the video. Use it in a project and post a comment under this post with a link to your project!

That's it!  I'm having surgery this week, so I will leave this contest open until May 1, 2010 at 9pm PT.   I will use to select the winner.

THE PRIZE IS A BRAND NEW SENTIMENTALS CRICUT CARTRIDGE!!!!!!  I LOVE this cartridge!!!  It  is one of my new favorites!!!

So, get busy making those projects!!!


Here's the satin "Lollipop Rose" video!

Video showing some roses I made

Two new videos going up SOON!

Hi, everyone!!
At the request of my sweet friend, Kathy Orta, the Paper Phenomenon, I have created a couple of videos on the satin roses that you make with the same circles as the lollipop flowers.  THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA!!!  I saw a YouTube video on making these and decided to try them.  I take no credit for this idea whatsoever, just sharing with you how to make them.  So, if you have some satin or other synthetic fabric on hand, get 8 circles cut out, two of each of 4 graduated sizes (I used the Sizzix Circle #2 die that I use for Lollipop Flowers), stack them up just like for lollipop flowers, and get ready for the videos!!!  They are processing now!


Friday, April 16, 2010

My first Just Because Cards card!

Hi, everyone,
Thanks for stopping by my blog today! This card is my first from the new "Just Because Cards" cartridge. I modified the Cricut cut just a bit because it better suited my card. Here's the cool thing! See that map behind the pickup truck?? While I was at the 99 cents Only store the other day, I found these HUGE Thomas Guide map books with literally hundreds of double-sided map pages for 99 cents!!! I distressed this one with Tim Holtz Distress ink, wet it, crumpled it, then dried it with my heat gun. I'm going to have so much fun with these maps!!! The truck and word art were cut at 7". Here's a tip about this cartridge. The word art and shapes are calibrated so you cut them at the same size. NOT THE STICKER!!! I left my size at 7" and cut a HUGE sticker! So, I changed the size for that cut to 2". It is inside the card, which I didn't show because I don't want to give away who the recipient of this card is! Oh, and the faux stitching on the word art was done with a silver glitter gel pen.
Thanks for stopping by today!
Please leave a comment if you'd like!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A new method to embellish those chipboard Cricut cuts!

Hi, everyone,
Today I received my Chip Art by Melody Ross kit from I thought I would share my very first experience using it with all of you!

Thanks for watching!

Friday, April 9, 2010

First card made with Stardream Mica paper from California Paper Goods

Can you tell I love pink??? haha  Anyway, what I am sharing with you today is my first card made with the Stardream mica paper from California Paper Goods.  I heard about this paper from Okie on the Cricut messageboard.  I LOVE this paper!!!  It is THICK cardstock and I had to use multi-cut on 2 to make sure it cut out all the way.  The Thank You word art and the lock and key were cut from the Sweethearts Cricut cartridge.  Word Art cut at 3 inches, lock and key cut at 2 1/2".  The lock was embossed with the Cherry Blossom Cuttlebug folder and inked with Studio G white ink.   Pearl dots made with the Viva Decor pearl pen.  This paper has so much shimmer to it that it is actually difficult to photograph, but I love it!!!  Thanks for visiting my blog today!

OK. You asked for it! Here's my very first video! Please be kind!!!

Getting ready for my first video!

Hi, everyone!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I am currently working on my very first video!!!  WOOHOO!!!  I'm posting a pic here so that you can have a sneak peek of what I've been working on!  The video coming up will explain how I created this crackly finished canvas cover for a new mini album I'm making.  Please check back in a little while for the video!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I need some input!

Hi, blog visitors and welcome to my blog!  Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!  I need some input from my loyal blog followers, and also from the casual visitor, so please leave a comment!

Here is my question:
Would you be interested in seeing videos of projects and give-aways?  Several of my online friends are encouraging me to step into the world of video.  I have NEVER done this before and I'm really nervous about it, but I will do it if that's what my visitors and followers would like to see!  So, please leave me a comment and let me know what YOU think about it!!!

Thanks so much!!


PS  Keep checking back!  I will be doing another give-away SOON!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Summer in Paris Celebration WINNER!!

Hi, everyone,
First, I would like to thank everyone who participated in my Summer in Paris cartridge launch celebration!!  Due to the response to this mini album kit give-away, I will be doing another one SOON!!  Without further ado, the winner of the mini kit is:

Heidi said...

Wow, gorgeous!!! I can't wait for the cart either. Thank you for the chance to enter!

March 22, 2010 5:18 PM
So, Heidi, please contact me with your mailing information and I will get your prize on its way to you!!!
Congratulations, Heidi!!
Hugs to all!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm celebrating the Summer in Paris Cricut Cartridge with a give-away!!

Hi, everyone and thanks so much for visiting my blog!  I am so in love with the soon-to-be released Cricut Cartridge, Summer in Paris!  I also have a new-found love of creating mini albums!  So, I am going to start assembling a kit to make one just as soon as my cartridge arrives!  At the same time, I will assemble a second kit that you can enter to win!  Of course, you are free to create your album using whatever cartridge and cuts you wish.  You don't have to use Summer in Paris, I just plan to select papers, etc, for the albums that I think will work well with that cartridge.  So, just leave a comment to be entered.  And, if you don't mind, tell me what your favorite cartridge is of the new releases!
Blessings and Hugs!
Good luck, everyone!

UPDATE:  WOW!!!  I think I got carried away, but I thought I would give an update on how the kit is progressing.  I have the 6X6 chipboard cut (6 pages, so the mini will be the standard 12 page mini).  Here's where I got carried away--the winner will receive 42 6X6 papers!!!  I know!  I went crazy!!!    You will have plenty to choose from, that's for sure!!! That's all I have done so far, but I will add LOTS more goodies to the kit--binder rings, Tim Holtz findings, stamped images, you get the idea.  I round the corners on my minis.  What do you gals think?  Want me to round the corners for you?  And if so, just the chipboard, or all the papers, too?  Post some comments and let me know!  I want this to be fun!!!  Input from those who post comments will help me tailor the kit more to what you want.  I'm excited!  This is my first kit give-away!!  If it goes over well, I'm sure I'll do more in the future!  Oh, and I forgot to put a deadline!  DUH!!!  The cartridges are supposed to be out in mid-April, so let's set the deadline for 9pm PST on April 1st.  That will give me time to get the kit to the winner  before the cartridges ship.  Sound good?

UPDATE #2:  As I go through my stash, it appears obvious to me that I have been unknowingly preparing for this cartridge for a LONG time!!!  I have purchased SO many printables with a Parisian theme that I am amazed myself!!  French dress forms and windows, chandaliers and peacocks, hot air balloons, and tags too numerous to mention. I'm going to need a BIG box to ship this kit to the winner!!!  And I haven't even started going through my embellishment stash yet!!!  WOOHOO!!!  This is so much fun!!

UPDATE #3:  Went through my printables stash and got those ready and added to the kit.  I stopped counting at 50 tags!!!  There are three sheets of vellum and some cardstock shapes, as well.  Now I will go through my embellishment stash.  The way it is looking, if you have some chipboard, you should easily have enough in this kit to complete AT LEAST two other mini albums.  I tried to whittle it down a little, but there really isn't anything that I can't see working in some way, so I'm leaving it ALL in!!  I'm hoping to post pictures of all the goodies once I'm done, so check back!

YIKES!!!  Are you ready?  I had to take TEN pictures to show just a sampling of what is in this prize.  And I still want to add some trims and fibers!  Anyway, here we go:

Webster's Pages vellum--Two sheets

Another Webster's Pages Vellum sheet

Just a small sampling of the papers--Remember the winner will receive 42 6X6 sheets of top-quality papers, many of which are glittered or foiled.

Over FIFTY tags, Acetate Top Note and Pink mini brads
This really is quite a stack of tags!

Naked Chipboard Eiffel Tower, frames and off cuts
One mylar Eiffel Tower

Some of the embellies

More embellies, charms, binder rings, clips, paper flowers, boa, pearls

One page of printed French images
One page of Memento Stamped French Images

Ladies in hats ephemera

Vintage shoes Ephemera

WHEW!!!  I will be adding more goodies to this kit, but that's it for now.  I want to go shop for some lace and fibers to add to it.  So, what do you think?  Se Magnifique?


UPDATE:  I didn't take a picture of it, but I am adding a 7 Gypsies stamp set to the kit, as well!!  Great stamps that will work with SOOO many projects!!!  WOOHOO!!!  This is fun!!

UPDATE:  Today, I have added fibers, ribbons and some gorgeous lace pieces to the kit, along with several yummy feathers!!!  This is one HUGE kit!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful blog award!

I was so honored to receive the Beautiful Blog award from Cyndi.  Check out her blog by clicking on the Beautiful Blog Award picture at the right!  The requirements for accepting this award are:

You must tell 7 things about yourself that most people don't know about you and pass on the award to 15 other bloggers.  So, I'll complete the first requirement below:

1.  I learned to ice skate when I was 30 years old and competed as part of a precision skating team.
2.  I grew up riding horses almost every day.
3.  I am claustrophobic.
4.  I love all things crafty, and in addition to my papercraft addiction, I do machine embroidery and sewing.
5.  I was single until age 32.
6.  I have no biological children, but have three beautiful step-daughters, 8 grandchildren and one great    grandson.
7.  For 15 years, I was the clerk of a justice court and supervised 8 employees besides being secretary to the judge.

OK!  There are 7 things about me that my online friends probably didn't know!  The hour is late, so I will pick my 15 beautiful blogs tomorrow!

Thanks, again, Cyndi!!  I am truly honored!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here I am!!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile!  With the serious knee problems I've been having and a bout of stomach flu, I know I have been MIA.  Starting to feel a little better.  I am working on a super secret project for a very special friend.  It is something I've never done before and was inspired to create this project for her.  So, check back.  I am hoping to post my very first video of this project once it is done!  And I am planning a big give-away at the same time.  I'll make up for being missing in action for awhile!!!

Thanks, everyone, for your patience and for dropping by my blog!!

Blessings and hugs!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Thanks so much, everyone, who participated in my latest give-away.  The winner of this prize is:

SandyGarrett said...

Thanks for a chance to win your boxes! Just became a follower!

Congratulations, Sandy!!  Please send me your mailing information so I can get your prize on its way to you!

Thanks again, everyone, for participating!!!



Adding more goodies to the prize!

OK, doesn't look like I will hit 225 by 9pm, but I am still adding another goody to the prize.

I'm adding 5 12 X 12 sheets of .22 chipboard!  The really good stuff, white on one side, cuts beautifully in the Cricut machines.  This will be enough for lots of fun!!


WOOHOO!!! Hit 200 Followers, so here's what I'm adding!!

You guys ROCK!!!  Thank you SO much for following my blog!  OK, as promised, since I hit 200 followers, I am adding a prize.

The winner will receive TWO sets of my metal and chipboard heart locks and key sets that I use on my favor boxes!!  (Scroll down to see pictures of these on the favor boxes made for my dhs coworkers.)  PLEASE continue to post your comment on the original post and sign up to follow in order to be eligible to win.

If by some chance I hit 225 followers before the 9pm deadline tonight, I will add a BIG prize!!

Good luck, everyone!!!


Friday, February 19, 2010


Hi, everyone,
Hope you are all having an awesome day!!!  I had such a nice response to the favor box give-away, that I'm doing another one!!  One lucky follower will win 5 pre-cut Tie the Knot heart favor boxes!  These boxes are so stinkin' cute!  I cut them as large as they will cut on 12 X 12 paper and they are a good size!  All you have to do to have a chance to win is become a follower, if you aren't already, and post a comment under this post!!  You have until March 1, 2010 at 9pm PST to enter!!  Easy-Peasy!!!

Good luck everyone!!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday card

Hi, everyone!
Hope you are having an awesome day!  Just thought I would post the birthday card I made last night for my step-daughter.  I used papers from the DCWV Sorbet Stack, a felt coaster from Michael's, Studio G glitter glue and the pearl pen by Viva Decor that I got from Megan at Above Rubies Studio.  Cricut cuts from the new Once Upon a Princess cartridge.

Thanks for looking!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

WINNER OF THE FAVOR BOXES IS.............................

Congratulations to the winner of the 4 favor boxes:

cissi said...

Your boxes are so cute, I love them and would love to win :). Thank you so much for the opportunity.

February 7, 2010 8:50 PM

Cissi, please send me your mailing information so I can get your prize in the mail to you!!!

Thanks, everyone for participating!!!

Watch for another give-away soon!!


While you're waiting to hear who the winner is.........................

Here are three favor boxes I made for my DH coworkers for Valentine's Day.  The embellishments were made using aluminum cans and chipboard.  Both were cut using a Bigz Die with the Big Shot machine.  I think they turned out cute.  What do YOU think???

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tie the Knot favor box give-away!

Hi, everyone!
Are you ready for another give-away?  I am having so much fun with these Tie the Knot favor boxes and I know some of  you don't have this cartridge yet.  Sooooooo..............................................................

Comment on this post before 9pm PST, Monday, February 8, 2010 to be entered to win 4 favor boxes, already cut out for you.  All you have to do is fold and assemble!  And, as usual, I will probably add some other goodies to your prize, as well!!!

Good luck!!

Tie the Knot favor box using lots of new techniques from CHA!

Happy Sunday morning, everyone!!!
I finally got the first Tie the Knot favor box complete and photographed.  This one took awhile because I employed some new techniques I came up with and also some I learned at CHA.  This was fun!!  First, I cut the favor box from Tie the Knot at fit to page, which gave me an 11" cut.  Then I inked the edges with Stampin Up Chocolate Chip ink.  Now I moved on to the embellishments.  The key and lock are cut from an aluminum soda can using my Cuttlebug and a Sizzix die.  Once they were cut, I inked them with the new FANTASTIC Viva Decor gold alcohol ink I got from Above Rubies Studio at CHA!  LOVE that ink!!!  Then I moved on to a heart from the new Love Struck cartridge.  I cut it from chipboard and inked it with the Chocolate Chip ink as well.  Then, using a technique I learned from Terri O at CHA, I used the Threadster and Scor-Tape, outlined the heart then filled it with Terri's microbeads.  LOVE the look!!!  Some more charms cut from chipboard from the Lovestruck cartridge and a cute little bird from the new Songbird cartridge round out the dangling charms.  The ribbon is from a new kit I just received from Flowers to Flourishes.  I have five more of these boxes cut out of different print cardstocks and can't wait to figure out some fun embellishments to decorate them with!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!  If you have time, please leave a comment.  I love to hear what you think of my projects!!!

Blessings and hugs!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tie the Knot favor boxes

Hi, everyone,
Thanks for stopping by.  I have some projects in the works, just no pics ready to show you yet, but I will tell you that I am having a blast making the favor boxes from the new Tie the Knot cartridge!  These adorable boxes go together so fast and require no adhesive!  Can you believe it??  So cute!!  I'm making some up to put Valentine treats in.  I've been busily making some inked and beaded embellishments to go on them and they are really coming along nicely.  Maybe by tomorrow I will have some pics to post for ya.  I had a give-away planned for this week, but with all that is going on around here (health issues), I think I will just wait until next week.  My knees have just not been the same since CHA and I'm really trying to take care of myself so they will get well.

Enjoy the rest of your week-end!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

WINNER OF THE CRICUT CAKE CHEF'S HAT IS..............................

bmwpcr25 said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I also was really bummed, I love to cook and when I saw all the pictures and video it gave me a heavy heart. I appreciate you doing this very much. I wish I had a way to go to CHA boy I would in a minute.. Thanks again.

Brooke Doroha...

Please send me your mailing information so I can put your prize in the mail to you right away!!
Congratulations!!!  And thank you SOOO much, everyone, for participating!!!  Keep watching for more give-aways SOON!!!


The new winner is:
julie said...

Oh pick me :)

Julie, please send me your mailing address so I can put this adorable hat in the mail to you!!!!  Congratulations on winning and thanks to Brooke for being so generous!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pink and black challenge--(Scroll down for Cricut Cake chef's hat give away)

Robyn, My Pink Stamper, is housebound due to snow and ice, so she is issuing some challenges.  The first one was to use your favorite color with black.  So, of course, my pedestal card is pink and black!!!  I didn't photograph the inside because it would give away who the card is for!!!  I used a new stamp I purchased at CHA by Loralie Harris. I colored it with Copic markers. I have used Loralie's embroidery designs for a couple of years and this year she came out with rubber stamps!!!   Isn't she cute???  Her name is party girl!  I met Loralie herself at CHA and what a doll she is!!!  You might want to check out her website for her card kits and stamps at I also used a stamp from Robyn's new stamp set.  It says "So Super Sweet"!!  The bling and ribbon were purchased from CHA, as was the Pink Pizzaz embossing powder.  Embossing powder is from Sprinkle and Sparkle.  Loved their booth!  I love comments!!!  Thanks for looking!

Blessings and Hugs!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yummy Goodness from CHA--GIVE-AWAY!!!

Hi, everyone!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!! I had SOOO much fun at CHA!!!  I'm still reeling from all the excitement and drooling over all my new purchases!!!

There seems to be a great deal of interest in the darling chef's hats that Provocraft was giving away to promote the reveal of the awesome  Cricut Cake machine!!!  Soooooo........................................

I'm giving mine away!!!  Here's how you can win:

If you aren't already a follower of my blog, sign up to be a follower AND post a comment under this post!  That's it!!!  I will pick the winner using on February 1, 2010 at 9pm PST.  And I'd love it if the winner posts a picture of themself wearing the hat on the messageboard!!! (not a requirement, would just love to see it!!! haha)

OK, so get signed up as a follower and post a comment and you will be entered to win the hat!!!

Blessings and hugs!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Hello from Robyn, My Pink Stamper at CHA for all her messageboard friends!

Hi, everyone!
Robyn, My Pink Stamper, is missing her message board friends and asked that I post a video for all of you from her at CHA.

So, here ya go!!
Hello from CHA!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Video from Above Rubies Studio at CHA 1/22/2010

 Here's a quick video of Megan and HappyHappyJoyJoy doing a demo of the new glitter iron on vinyl available in Megan's store, Above Rubies Studio.  Enjoy!

Above Rubies Studio

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Pink Stamper Challenge

My Pink Stamper issued a challenge on her blog.  The challenge was to create a project for someone you like or love.  I created this project for some dear friends of ours.  Their last name is "Bell".  Even though this project may appear to be made of leather products, it is made entirely of paper.  The letter were cut from the Storybook cartridge.  The layers were embossed using the Cuttlebug.  Shadows and layers were cut from Core-dinations cardstock.  Brown letters cut from Bazill cardstock.  The background paper that looks like leather is from Michaels open stock paper.

Here's a closer pic:

Thanks for looking!  It felt good to create something.  DH and I have both been really sick the last two weeks and with the holidays on top of it, I hadn't done any creating at all.  I'm still not back to normal, but was good enough to play a little today!