Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I need suggestions for my next blog candy give-away!!

Hi, everyone!
You know I love to give stuff away, right?  No, my blog is not sponsored and all the goodies come directly from me as a thank you to all of you who visit because I appreciate you all SOOO much!!!  So, what I need to know from all of you now is:  What would you like to see in my next give-away?  You never know, I might even give something away to a lucky winner whose comment is chosen by!

So, what kind of prize would YOU like to win????

Thanks for playing along!


  1. My giveaways are done the same...out of my pocket. I love sharing blog candy with my followers and I think that when you are giving it doesn't matter how big or small the item is truly the thought that counts! I'm sure that whatever you decide to give will be lovely! I love how generous and giving the crafty blog world is!


  2. I too give some blog candy(out of my pocket) but I love to share with others also- so I agree with Melissa. I need some suggestions also for my next blog candy so I'll be checking here to see what others have to say on your post. I like the idea of going thru your stash and giving what you probably have extra's of or won't use, that's my idea. Enjoy your day!

  3. I love visiting blogs and I dont do it just for the blog candy! I look forward to going to my blog reader everyday and seeing what everyone has been up to. Blog candy is fun though....I would love to see some of the cute stamp sets that can be used to make cards....

    Just wanted to add that I really enjoy visiting your blog!!!

  4. I too, love to give gifts. All of my blog candy is also from my own pocket. I would love to have a sponsor, but want to be able to post and create what I want and think sometimes that freedom is lost with sponsorship. I like to visit blogs for inspiration plus new and different ideas and techniques. So, with that in mind, candy that is current and possibly even used in some of the recent posts of that blog are especially exciting! But all candy is sweet and the thrill of winning is always very special!

  5. I like the idea of a few homemade cards as I find it interesting and inspirational to also see them "in person" rather than just on the web, although of course, I love that too.

    Something from your stash is a great idea too as everyone has different "go to" items, so it's fun to stretch and try something different. Maybe something you could showcase how you use it on your blog and then have the giveaway.

    I'm pretty new to all this, so haven't had a giveaway myself yet, so will be interested to read all the ideas and input here.

  6. Hiya

    I live in England and it is not easy to get good craft supplies that the rest of the world seem to have. The one thing that I can never find which would be great for a giveaway are lunch bags or paper sacs.

    I went to Canada earlier this year and bought a load but they seemed to go really quickly and now I just have one purple pack left that some kind person sent me when I sent her some lace, ribbon and fibres and I am really trying to save them for a mini for me. I am trying to say that maybe paper bags would be a good one. Or a paper bag mini kit with selected bits. Something to challenge someones creativity.

    I hope that this is a good suggestion.