Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini album for our Granddaughter who will be in the Macy's Parade!

Our granddaughter, Taylor, was selected to partcipate with the National Cheer Association in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and we are so proud of her!!  She asked me to make a scrapbook to keep all the mementos and photos of her trip in.  Ever had one of those projects that should be simple and that you struggle with like there's no tomorrow??  Well, that was THIS project!!!  Just a basic mini!  Should have been able to whip it out in no time!!!  14 hours later, I'm still not thrilled with the result, but I just can't bear to deal with it anymore, so I'm calling it done!!

The top photo is the front cover and the bottom photo is just one of the pages inside.  They are all pocket pages and I cut her tons of photo mats and tags to use inside.  Two pages have the city skyline, one has the Statue of Liberty, one has word art, etc.

Thanks for checking it out!


  1. I agonize over the details of things a lot too. The pics look great, I'm sure she'll love it :)

  2. WOW this is sooo awesome!!!!!