Saturday, October 9, 2010

Playing with my new Imagine machine!

Today I have spent a little time familiarizing myself with the Imagine and its' functions.  If you own an Imagine machine, I'm sure you recognize the floral bouquets from the Imagine More cartridge.  What I thought was fun was that the "Thank You" sentiment is from Beyond Birthdays.  I opened the sentiment, then filled it with one of the prints on the Imagine cartridge.  I'm sure you can't see it in the pic, but I thought that was a pretty cool thing to be able to do!  I printed and cut two of each bouquet to give them more sturdiness.  I do wish the Imagine could cut chipboard.  I'll have to continue to use my E for this.  I tried it today in the Imagine and no matter what I do, the chipboard won't even stick to the mat.  This project is my very first ever candy bouquet and is for a nurse at my doctor's office who has been particularly helpful to me.  She is moving away and I wanted to express my appreciation for all she has done for me.  Think she'll feel appreciated???
(Had a couple of questions -- Yes, I used FULL SIZE candy bars, not the minis, so this bouquet is HEAVY!!! haha)

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  1. What an awesome job you did Linda, this is just adorable. How fun to be able to use the older carts. hugs

  2. I think she will love it and if not, I can send you my address!

  3. What a great bouquet! She'll love it. Shari (cricutrookie)

  4. Holy smokes!! Look at all those goodies!! I'm sure she will be in heaven when she receives this (I know I would be hee hee) I'm glad your having fun with your imagine and this project turned out awesome!!