Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So sorry!!!

I'm so sorry, everyone, that I haven't been able to post my next BIG giveaway!!  I'm still waiting for items to arrive!!! I promise it will be worth the wait, though!!!  So, please keep checking back.  I will post the give-away as soon as everything comes in!!


  1. We'll wait patiently! HA shari (cricutrookie)

  2. Don't worry about it Linda,we know you are doing all you can do...hugs

  3. You are so kind to do giveaways. I received the one you sent me TODAY!! Talk about quick shipping. I ♥ it all!! Especially the bling on the t-shirt. Thank you so much!!

    Amy ♥

  4. Can't wait to see what you have planned for us!
    I left you an award on my blog!
    You are a cherry on Top!

  5. Can I just tell you linda, I just read what you wrote on young Sarah's blog. I thought it was so kind and wonderfully encouraging of you. I had to pop over to your blog and sign up to follow it. If someone is willing to take the time to encourage young crafters like Sarah, I knew that's a blog I would like to read. Thank you for sharing a little kindness. It encourages me to do the same.
    Catherine A
    aka KitCatherine