Friday, November 19, 2010

My "Winter-Time" Mini inspired by Laura Denison's Steampunk Time Machine

Hi, everyone!
Thanks for stopping by today!!!  I'm pretty excited about how this project turned out!  I love it when I picture something in my head and can actually make it happen!!!  A million thanks to the uber-talented Laura Denison at, for the awesome instructions and class she did on a similar mini that she called Steampunk Time Machine.  I needed a hand-crafted gift for a family member who takes TONS of pictures and this fills the bill.  The mini inside has "tons of real estate" as Laura likes to say.  She should be able to put between 50-60 pictures inside.  Thanks for checking it out!!! 

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!

Giggles and hugs!

UPDATE: I'm getting lots of questions about where the mini is, so I took a picture the best way I could think of to show you how it slides out of the center portion.  If you watch Laura's Ustream class on this, you can see how it's done.

I'm getting questions about the inside of the mini.  I just made the pages in Laura's pattern from silver, shades of blue and gray.  I left the pages very plain so that the recipient can fit lots of pictures inside.  So there are no embellishments or decorations on the inside at all.  All the "goo-gaw" is on the outside! ;)


  1. It's beautiful! Show us the mini. I'm working on mine, but ran out of red line tape. I'm doing the steam punk one. I just love Laura's shows and ideas. Great job. Shari (cricutrookie)

  2. Oh it looks beautiful, I'd love to see the pages! And I have to agree, Laura is Amazing, I've yet to make one of her projects but have almost ALL of them marked as favs, lol! TFS
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  3. This is the prettiest album ever. Makes me think of the snow princess. Just love how it looks in white. Great job!

  4. OMG absolutely magnificent. Love the colours of yours so much it has inspired me to make one myself. Well done GORGEOUS. Wish I could see all of the album

  5. OMGOSH this is beyond awesome.....I love your take on it...inspiring me to get mine started.