Saturday, June 26, 2010


We all need a little inspiration from time to time, right??  There are so many talented crafters out there and a wealth of information via Ustream and Youtube.  A couple of these uber-talented artists inspire me and I thought I would share their links with you so you can check them out.  You will NOT be disappointed.  First is Kathy Orta.  You can find Kathy and her video classes by going to her blog at  The other is Laura Denison.  Check her out at  Both of these ladies offer wonderful inspiration, classes and are just all-around classy and talented artists in their own right.  Laura is also a quilt designer and teaches quilting classes.  You can purchase her papercraft and quilt patterns from her Etsy store, also accessible from a link on her blog.  Be prepared to spend some time watching these ladies at work.  You will be amazed!!!


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  1. Well I can always use some inspiration. Thanks Linda...hugs