Friday, January 28, 2011

So excited!!!

Hello, everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!  I am excited because, as some of you know, I'm a "kitchen table" crafter and have never really had a dedicated place to craft.  While that is still the case, at least I am getting my supplies more organized, thanks to a BUNCH of JetMax cubes that my sweet husband has been assembling for me!  I have a wonderful, heavy duty entertainment system type cabinet that my dad built for me years ago.  It has always held stereo components.  Now that most of those components are no longer used, I got rid of all of that and am converting the cabinet into storage for my craft supplies.  What a big job!!!  But it will be so worth it once it is done and I can find what I'm looking for!!!  I have a long ways to go to be finished, but once I am, I will post a pic for you.  I'm loving these cubes because no matter which one I'm using, it seems to hold things perfectly, size-wise!  I had a hodge-podge of different types of containers for various items before and it's going to be so much nicer to have everything at my fingertips and all in the same type of storage!!

OK, gotta get back to it!!



  1. How exciting! I LOVE those husband dreads when I walk in the door with a new one because he is the one who puts them together. He is a good sport about it for the most part. Sounds like your husband is the assembler in your house too. Cant wait to see pics. Have fun.


  2. Congrats! I really was able to get things done when I had a space to work and didn't have to clean up before every meal. LOL!

  3. Lisa, unfortunately, I still won't have a dedicated scrap space to create in, but at least my supplies are getting organized. So, I'll still have to clean up before every meal, but now I have an organized place to put everything!!!
    Thanks for the comment!