Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, my crafty friends,
Something I have been worried about has come to pass.  According to the director of consumer sales at CHA, there will be no more consumer Supershows connected to CHA.  The awesome Supershow that my bff, Lacy, and I attended last January in Anaheim was such an awesome experience and something we had planned on and looked forward to doing again.  Initially, when I contacted CHA about a Supershow in LA this January, I was told that they were having difficulty securing a location close to the tradeshow, so there would be no Supershow THIS JANUARY.  I just received word this morning that there will be no more Supershows.  Instead, CHA is partnering with existing craft shows to see if they want to include some of the vendors that would normally participate in the Supershow.  I'm just SOOOO disappointed!  The CHA Supershow in Anaheim last January was an experience of a lifetime.  I met so many wonderful people, including many of my online friends and creative crafters whom I follow online on YouTube and Ustream.  Lacy and I had planned on going again this January.  When we were told there would be no Supershow this year in January, we began making plans to attend in 2012.  This is no small feat since Lacy lives in Wisconsin, I live in California.  We met in person for the first time last year at CHA.

So sad..........................................................................


  1. Ohhhh...I know how important your little get togethers are to you both!

  2. I am extremely bummed because I was going to go to Chicago last summer then at the last minute, I didn't have anyone to work for me at my restaurant. I thought, I'll go next year!! Now I am even more upset that I didn't just lock the doora and go!!

  3. I am so bummed too since I also live in Cali and have not had the $$ to attend in the past and had been saving up to go this year or now to plan to at least attend a Scrapbook Expo, but so not the same

  4. I guess there is hope for a CHA Supershow next January, as they have announced there WILL be a Supershow in Chicago this summer. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!! If it happens, I'd sure love to meet you, goatesgirl!