Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First round of tests normal!

The results for the first round of tests came in and everything is normal so far! That's good news!! I won't have the rest of the tests until sometime after September 3. That's when I will see the tummy specialist. The even better news is that I am starting to feel better!! Yippee!!! Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes!!! God is SOO good!! The Chronic Fatigue and Fibro have kicked in in a big way, but that's common for me when anything in my system is out of whack. I'm hoping and praying that I wll be able to jump back into creating very soon!!! In fact, I'm hopeful that I will be able to participate in the latest challenges!!!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. i am so glad you are starting to feel better! God is great! i will keep you in my prayers and hope that the other tests come back just fine too, and that you just keep feeling better. i didn't realize you had fibro - i have it too so i completely understand what you mean. it can be so debilitating at times. stay strong! hugs!

  2. Thanks, Crystal! That is so sweet of you to say! And thank you so much for your prayers!!!

  3. Oh dear I hope you feel better! I have both of those diseases or ailments too!
    Hop on over to my blog. I have an award for you and hopefully it will make you feel better!
    Barb at snowmanlover.blogspot.com

  4. just thought i would check in and see how you are feeling dear! hope all is well! hugs!